About All of Lamy

Hi, I’m Kevin Yank. I am fascinated by the evolving design language of Germany’s Lamy brand of writing instruments. I seek to document and preserve its complete product history for posterity, and for the reference of curious collectors like me.

This site is a nearly exhaustive representation of Lamy’s design history, from the early Artus pens of the 1950s through to the latest models like the Dialog cc and Ideos. From the ubiquitous Safari (in over 50 regular and special edition finishes) to the flagship Imporium, with countless rarities and curiosities in between, discover over 100 years of evolution in “Lamy design” here in one place.


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Lamy is a trademark of C. Josef Lamy GmbH.

This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Lamy in any way. It’s a labour of love from a fan.

For official news and information about Lamy and its products, visit the official LAMY website.